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Introduction of Hydraulic Control System of Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

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Hydraulic Control System of Hydraulic Universal Test Machine Introduces Maintenance: The test machine should be installed in a clean and dry room with uniform temperature, and the possibility of long beam bending test on the machine and the possibility of using mirror extensometer for test should be taken into account. Therefore, sufficient free area should be left around the test machine. The main body of the testing machine and the dynamometer do not need special foundation when they are installed. The general foundation is made according to the foundation map and the screw holes of the foot are set aside for pouring. To find the main body level of the testing machine, the level can be located on the outer circle of the cylinder according to the vertical and horizontal position of the seat and the horizontal direction. The level can be found by the level meter with accuracy of 0.10/1000mm (+1 grid). When uneven, it can be adjusted by adding a pad iron under the base. What is a hydraulic transmission system? High quality medium viscosity mineral oil should be used in hydraulic transmission. Oil should not contain water, acid and other mixtures. It should not be decomposed or thickened at ordinary temperature. The oil must be filtered before it is poured into the machine. Due to the improper use of oil, the valve and oil pipeline will be blocked and the machine may produce vibration, which will affect the normal operation of the test machine. Reference Specification of Oil: Specificity: 0.86-0.97 Solidification Point: -15 to-20 C. Domestic No. 30-50 Oil can also be used according to actual conditions.

如何操作:开始使用试验机之前,必须将从油箱到油泵管路中间装设的活栓打开, 活栓的刻线与管子成一直线时,表示油箱与油泵之间的油路畅通,如刻线与管子 成正交时,则表示关闭。 放油时打开测力计左侧底部之油嘴即可,关于油的使用期限根据各地气候而决定, 如发现油开始混秽不能用时应换新油,欲擦试油箱底部或东西掉入取出时先放净油, 卸下测力计左下方的圆盖即可,完后须上好。

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